Criticism of reconnaissance Around the work of Axel Honneth. Yves Charles Zarka (ed.)

“Criticism of reconnaissance . About the  work of Axel Honneth,    “Yves Charles Zarka (ed.), Editions Mimesis, Coll. Philosophy and Society, 2015

Axel Honneth, new representative of the Frankfurt School, articulates a descriptive theory of recognition to the prescriptive dimension of moral theory.
In the era of globalization, the concept of recognition, become central to the humanities and social sciences, is elaborated around a concrete ethics – recognizing the other’s differences – which calls for see the difference, not a loss but the essence and the catalyst of living together. All actors in modern society today are asked to detach from the abstract idea of independence to join a community of life. So everyone sees another, and one lives with one another. But is it that we speak in the same direction of recognition of others, oneself and the world?

This book provides an analysis of the concept of recognition studied by Axel Honneth in its social meaning, to highlight both the strengths and limitations of its modern usage.



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