Why do create a Center of Philosophy, Epistemology and Politics?

 Because we aim to do:

1/ The PHILOSOPHY of the emerging world.  That means the study of emerging issues about environment, ICT, globalization, art, etc. Furthermore, our scientific works involve the Theory of Communicative Action (Habermas on public space, discourses effects, communication space, etc.)

2/ The EPISTEMOLOGY of social sciences, in particular the study of the fundamental concepts of social sciences (representation, recognition, legitimacy, identity, conflict, value, etc.). We study the proliferation of discourses, texts and works in the field of ecology. Furthermore, we’re currently preparing a “Dictionnaire du temps présent” (Dictionary of the present time) which purpose is to itemise and analyze the changes in discourses over the past sixty years.

3/ POLITICS  in a double level: a/ the historical study of the fundamental texts of the history of political philosophy (particularly Hobbes); b/the major contemporary problems that influence the position of democracy, the idea of republic, liberalism, cosmopolitism, etc. It is also the work on legal and politic corpus.

4/ The SEMIOLOGY of power. We examine questions liked to semiology of power where the main topic is the relation between discourse, social practices and power exercis (Discourse on the power but also on its resistance).

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